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1-800-ASPHALT, part of the 800 PAVEMENT Network is a pavement contractor network of almost 200 Contractors Nationwide with total sales approaching $1 Billion. All contractors that are part of our network are locally owned and operated and meet the highest standards in the industry.

Our contractors take pride in the asphalt construction of parking lots, streets, roadways, and driveways. Remember by insisting and receiving quality at the start, you will receive satisfaction in the long run. The 800 PAVEMENT Network has developed a 10 point QUALITY ASSURANCE RATING SYSTEM. This will ensure the very best quality paving job for your specific needs. Commercial or residential, the rating system works with all maintenance and liability concerns that the consumer may have. In our professional opinion, this program is the most efficient way to address any and all liability concerns..

We feel that leasing 1-800-ASPHALT in your local area and joining our network of contractors will be your best investment. We are working to make the 800 PAVEMENT Network the largest pavement contractor network for National Accounts in the United States and Canada. Become a part of almost 200 PAVEMENT CONTRACTORS and growing today!!

For more information about becoming a member please e-mail Mike Musto, call 1-800-PAVEMENT (1-800-728-3636), or visit www.1800pavement.com today!

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