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1-800-ASPHALT (part of the 800 PAVEMENT Network)

Our networks of contractors have achieved great success using the 1-800-Asphalt number within their local marketing. It immediately informs your potential customers who you are, what you do, and how to reach you all in one easy to remember phone number. How it works is simple, each member has their designated area code(s) and every incoming call from their area is automatically directed to their phones. With the easily identifiable number members experience higher phone traffic and leads, more attention to their business, greater potential customer inquiries, and inevitably more sales!

What are the benefits of joining the Network? By becoming a member, your business is automatically recognized nationwide with the 1-800-ASPHALT number and the 800 PAVEMENT Network brand www.1800pavement.com. We make it easy for National Accounts to locate a reputable asphalt paving company (and 800 PAVEMENT Network member). These companies access our website when they are in need of our service offering. All calls go directly to the asphalt paving company by the area code of the incoming call. This saves them time and money as well as our contractors by eliminating the middle man.

When you join as a contractor, you will become a part of our 800 PAVEMENT Network. Becoming a part of our network will offer your pavement company many benefits in addition to utilizing the phone number including: vendor discounts, marketing tips and tools, and the possibility of getting National Account work. U.S. Pavement Services, the first member of the network, has aready given out over $35,000,000 in National Account work to network members!

We are working to make the 800 PAVEMENT Network the largest pavement contractor network for National Accounts in the United States and Canada. Become a part of almost 200 contractors and growing!

For more information about becoming a member please e-mail Mike Musto, call 1-800-PAVEMENT (1-800-728-3636), or visit www.1800pavement.com today!